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 YAY ME! I am starbucks drinking a yummy chocolate cream chips frappppeeeee. Perfect. :D I am supposed to be studying but I am just people watching and I just realised there are two ex-PL Lites, from our batch, a table away. And they are actually studying unlike me. Good for 'em. I wish I had at least a lil bit of self-discipline. It is real bad no such thang exists in your dictionary. 

Okay Vongie is jealous of me! Hahahaha.

Ayway, did I mention I am melting. It is so friggen hawttttt. The weather sucks real bad. 

Okay I shall blog later or something. It is too hot for me to blog. 

Love to the world. 

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Good morning world! Happy Monday! It is gonna be the last happy monday of the month. Next week..school reopens and hell begins.Okay, whatever.

I am only blogging cos I wanna say Mercy by One Republic is so fabulous that I have listened to it ten times continuously. Dreaming out loud is just as great! I am afraid I might be falling in love yet again. Hahaha. But then again obsession is fundamental! :D:D 

I remembered to catch Pushing Daisies today! Well, I dont know if it is all that good cos I am still in a stage whereby I barely get what is going on. Hmm... Lets see if I get hooked to this one anytime soon. There is sytycd today. I have sort of watched it online already but it is worth watching again! So yay. : ) 

And there is guitar practice today (technically). As much as I love guitar I dont exactly want to be in school strumming away when I know damn right well that I needa study.  Oh sigh. I might just leave early or something. As a matter of fact, I am not in a concert-ish mood and mid years are to be blamed for that. A pity, really. I wish the concert was after the mid years or something!! 

Alright time to socialize with Dickens again. Maybe, I might spend some time getting to know Kushrev and Kennedy, a lil better, after that. I am under the compliance to befriend them. :( 

Oh and it seems like twilight is opening on Christmas day in Singapore. That is pretty weird, isnt it?

Anyway, Adios world. <33 

"How do you find such lovely polka dots and stripes these days?"

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I have brought you to the seat of sweet music's throne
To this kingdom where all must pay homage to music

I am back after an eternity.

Screw computers which crash at the most unexpected of moments and deprive people of the gloriousness of the cyberworld! So Jenny, nope, I aint dead.

Anyway here is an update! Since the last time I blogged I have hmm caught two movies-Prince of Caspian and Made of  Honour-which were lovely, libraried with Addie a coupla times, gone shopping with Vongie, had study marathons-which eventually became letstalkaboutrandomstuff marathons-with Sherry, had a few guitar practices, finished a coupla chick lits and thats about it I guess. Hmm I have had lotsa fun catching up, bitching, gossiping, just having random chats, shopping, eating, stalking, reading and stuff but if only I had studied as much as I had fun. This is sad, really. I guess I will never ever change my ways and stop procrastinating. So here I am with a week to go before the mid-year papers. And it that I cant crap for most of the papers I will be sitting for. I am betting with Vongie and I am positive I will win all the bets. OHOH  I found out from Kat that Skandar Keynes is the great great whatever of the dude who came up with the keynesion theory-some economic theory which I dont exactly get-and I was totally taken aback. No way in hell could someone, who is totally kissable looking, be related to a dude who prolly had nothing better to do than to come up with a theory to ruin the lives of others! Everybody had be better off without that complicated theory of his. I do have something against economics if you havent already realised. Talking about Kat..I dreamt of her the other night and magasscheekbonesboy tagged along and it was an awesome dream! Did I mention he was smiling in my dream? After seeing the pictures Kat has sent me I sorta concluded that he doesnt know how to use his facial muscles to smile. Maybe it is some sorta magasscheekbones thang...I wonder. 

The EURO Cup is here. As usual, I am rooting for the prettaye Portugese dudes! :D I remember how they were thrashed by the Greeks during the finals a few years back and it was an absolutely horrible match. So lets hope they kick ass this time round! :D

"Well okay , in any case this whole affair just really reminded me of World Cup, when Devi and I would be like playing minesweeper flags on MSN, waiting for matches to start. Ahhh. And we swore that by hook or crook, we would watch a live world cup match together one day. Why yes, forgive our innocence." 

That is from Jenny's blog. Gosh I miss those times. I still remember how the whole watch a live world cup match thingay was part of our things-to-do-in-our-lifetime list! Hahaha. Unfortunately, I dont recall the rest of the content of the list. :(

I am going to the airport for dinner with Addie tomorrow before she flies off ta Prague! :D So, cute dudes with fabulous hair and green eyes please be there for me to stalk. You presence would be very much appreciated. You had make my whole weeeeeek. Haha.

I am a sucker. I am watching American Idol performances at a time when my priority whould either be studying or sleeping. Grrr. Random but I am so happy we are playing stand by me and when you believe(the original version from prince of egypt.not the Mariah Carey version of it) for the guitar concert. Well the reason obviously is that David Archoo sang those two songs!

Alright that is sufficient nonsensical trash for one day so I shall go off and try to show Mr Dickens some love! 


Melissa: What is your dress size, Tom?
Tom: I don't know. What's your jock size Melissa?
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May 29. It is a nice date- 29 just looks nice when put beside May. Dontcha think so?


Airport-ed today. It was a very productive study session and now I have all the confidence in the world for the Chem Mid year paper. Not. Gosh. Have I ever mentioned I suck? In all honesty, I do. I did not do anything produtive well unless of course stalking a guy falls under the category of productivity. 

Yeah, I did stalk. Haha. 

Well, Sherry and I were at Cafe Ritazza, too bloated and lethargic to study, when a cute brunette Dude with an adorable white cap passed by us. Moments later he ran past us and boarded the skytrain which was headed for Terminal 2. We, then, decided to drop our act of being conscientious kids and gave in to the temptation to stalk. Haha So, we took the next skytrain to terminal 2 and tried to track him down-in vain, may i add. So we kinnda gave up and decided to go a level down and gallivant-our forte- when we saw him at Macs with two other chicks. So, we got Macs' horrible ice cream just so we could occupy space in Macs and watch the guy. It may seem pathetic but it is sorta like a cheap thrill. :D After what seemed like eternity I managed to finish the tres horrible ice cream and we left for the washroom and Guess what! Mr Dude came along! Haha. I could not help but go "Oh My Gosh!!" and that earned me a headturn followed by a smile from him. That made my dayyyyyyyyyyyy. :D He prolly realised we were stalking him and took pity on us. Oh well. Hahaha.

Other than stalk we pretty much did not do anything except maybe gossip and indulge in sinful stuff at Popeye's and smoothie-fy at Ritazza! 

So much for a productive study session. : ( I guess our study sessions are more less turned into gossip sessions all the time!

Gonna Narnia and study with Addie tomorrow! We have gotta do some real work, Addie! :D

Alright I shall go back to reading for a bit and then hit the bed. 

Gallagher Academy rules. <3<3 And Fright is the new Cool.

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Hola! I dont even know what I am doing online when I have a GP paper tmr. I am here to read the online version of TIMES magazine. Yeah that is a legitimate excuse.

Anyway school has been as stupid as usual but life outside school has been awesomlicious.

First up there was the VJ guitar concert. It was tres impressive. And the fact that I had the coolest people in the universe for company just made it even better. I love Rach, Sherry, Hui Ting and Lesles! Lesley is an idiot cos she is going to the
US and Canada in June and she just refuses to abduct me. Haha. I promsied to be good, help her take pictures of guys and stalk 'em with her but none of that worked! Haha. Anyway, as I was saying the concert was great. And after the concert we walked to the beach and stargazed (sorta.), emo-ed on the breakwaters and just enjoyed the sea breeze. :D Lovely is an understatement. Love ya cool Gorgies So much! I taught 'em a synonym for the word "cool" haha Fright. I was reading Oh My Goth!(spikey amde me read it) the other day and the goths use fright as a replacement for cool and that fascinates me!! :D 
Yesterday I met Vongie for ice cream at Andersen's. But then we decided against eating ice cream and went off ta coffee bean to get coffee. But the place was hella crowded so we shoved our asses to
new york new york and got vanilla mocha floats and wedges! Right after that we started having cravings for ice cream again. Haha. Did I mention I love the huge vanilla mocha float (I am pretty sure I got the name wrong.haha.)! It was great. And we plan to go shopping and airporting soooooon! Cafe Ritazza, here we come :D. Haha we also made plans to embarrass Kayi at the airport when she returns from Aussie.
Kayi!! Come back soon baybeh! Shopping for pasta sauces, chocolate, breadsticks, ice cream, hot chocolate mix and whatever not at Cold Storage isn’t the same without you! L I miss starbucking on weekends, librarying, jogging, breakfasting at Macs, watching chick flicks and gushing, Travel and Living-ing, texting insanely during our favourite programmes, having philosophical conversations online,  imitating Cowell and Tonia Buxton and emoing by the window at IKEA! Miss ya much. <3
I was talking to Sina-the German girl in school-the other day and she was like "SIngapore is boring. I was deceived by those advertisements which portrayed Singapore as a fun place." And I just couldnt agree more! Thost propogandaish ads are just dumb! And it is sad that her homestay family sucks as well! :( Well she seems to dislike her class just the way I do. Haha. I am so glad there is Ming Li to bitch with during literature. We had fun bitching about thsoe annoying freaks of people who are bimbotic and twit-ish to sucha large extent that it is hard to believe they are humans with brains. We were talking about how there should be a clone club as a student interest group in NY for the gratification of such people. Haha. And now she is officially in the list of people who have told me they cant believe I chose to come to NY cos I am so not NY-ish. Sigh thanks world. I really needa hear that frequently. But she rocks all the same and we are determined on getting outta Singapore! She wants to settle down in Europe just like me! :D
By the way, I miss Nic and her boycraziness!

I was telling her about the cuteaussiedudeinjumper and...

nicole -- an obsession says (12:02 AM):

oh my gosh

you managed to touch him


lucky you

Haha. Love ya Nic!
Alright. GP calls... 

OH ARCHOO LOST! HAHA. WELL, HE SHOULDA TAKEN PART AFTER A COUPLA YEARS OR SOMETHING. NOBODY WOULD WANT A 17 YEAR OLD TO BE AN AMERICAN IDOL OVER A 25 YEAR OLD. OH WELL. Dude must have been desperate to get outta school! Haha. But I know he is gonna be successful no matter what so I shall just find solace in the fact that he will prolly still get to release an album sometime soon! :D He is adorableeeee. Especially, when he sang "With You" last week. His lack of ability to dance was cute! Haha. 

Hmm well before that lemme just say I am happy the holidays are finally here! Librarying with Addie next week. :D 


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1985-Bowling For Soup
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Gosh I love Jackson Rathbone already! 

Lexicon -

Can you tell us a little about your audition for the film?

Jackson - 

I walked to and from the audition playing my guitar to calm me, so toieve a stoic over-one-hundred-years-old demeanor. And maybe a handout or two. Okay, one. One person gave me money. To stop playing... Ha.

Lexicon - 

Where did you learn how to box?

Jackson - 

When I was in elementary school, I was picked on by this kid a year
older every morning at the bus stop. On picture day, he pushed me down so I jumped on his back and got into a scrape. My father taught me to box after that day.

That comes from the twilight lex.

Dude is adorableeee. And it helps that he plays the guitar and harmonica and whatever not.

I am so tempted to do Literature though it is not even due tmr. It is just the fact that Literature assignment involves watching Oliver Twist online that is making it so exciting. I love oliver Twist!

But PI needs some love. Screw that thang. 

 I miss my world. 

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the music is all around us, all we have to do is listen =) definitely, maybe <3 says (9:25 PM):

yep..i tink u;re a blonde in disguise

Ella será adorada "Alex Montgomery's Harem" says (9:25 PM):

gosh i think so too!
and it is unfair
cos i am not even blonde
it is just that my brain is blonde
εїз [KR^15^TY] says (10:07 PM):
i dont know
i was going to say psychology
εїз [KR^15^TY] says (10:08 PM):
but didnt want you to take it the wrong way
and think im saying you need a psychologist
losing a muffin!
I am dumb beyond dumb. I have had so many blonde moments today it is just unbelievable that I even have a brain.

Anyway, hung out with beloved Kat and sexy Alex today. Gosh Kat made my day with A Walk To Remember dvd. I just couldnt help but squeal at forever 21. I am gonna watch it a million times and cry a river. Landon is the awesome-est. Haha Kat thinks he has kissable lips! I just had to say that.

Alex is annoying cos she looks good in every damn thing! You know it is like she could wear the randomest piece of clothing and still carry it off or something! Kat too has an awesome figure but she refuses to accept it. You know, she needs a Landon to come outta somewhere and prove to her how much of a beauty she is! A Landonish dude with a  British accent would be great. :D

So we hit Famous Amos and decided to get cookies! And this is how great the whole experience was.

Lady: 13.50, please.
Me: Hands over the money
Lady: Counts the bills and goes Ermmm..
Me (smiles at the Lady and waits for her to hand me the change)
Lady: Counts the bills again
Me: Omg! I am sorry I suck at math. 
(dudes at the cashier area just stared at me in disbelief)

Yeah only idiots like me confess to random strangers that they suck at math! 

Sigh. And I lost the muffin Kat baked. No normal person loses muffins! I dont even know if i dropped it at Starbucks or while doing GP project or PW or something. Dammit. I was looking forward to muffin-ing. 

Oh well. 
I love chocolate cream chips frappe. :)

We saw a coupla blonde dudes! There was one who looked Jason Dollyish. His hair was just messy and thus adorable. But, he had a girlfriend. :( I hope one fine day I would be able to muster the courage to go up to a blond dude and express my love for his hair. 

Projects were pretty okay, I guess.
Dinner-ed at IKEA with Sherilyn yesterday. It was awesome! I love the fish with chives sauce and meatballs at IKEA. (I am salivating now) Pity, I am not capable of ever finishing my food. It is just me-ish not to finish my food. We, then, walked through IKEA and it was fun throwing stuff, which didnt even belong to us, at each other. Haha. She gave me this looooong letter. I was like awww-y. Much Love.
I needa send Oxy to Kayi. Cos she claims she is having massive breakouts that if I dont get Oxy for her then she will have to resort to growing out bangs to hide her face or something. Haha I wouldnt be able to bear the sight of bangs on her so I shall shop for Oxy soon! 
As much as I wanna talk about Ozzy I am too lazy to type even another word so Ciao world.
* * *

Bloody Hell. I cant believe it. I loathe Cirie and Parvati!! They blindsighted Ozzy and now his ass has been kicked outta the game. Ozzy is the only one there who deserves to win!!! 

Goodness. He shoulda build a better alliance like he did in Cooks Island. That was the Best alliance ever. 

Haters. I am never gonna be able to get over this! 


* * *
I LOVE ICED FRENCH VANILLA LATTE. IT IS SUCHA HELLA SEXY BEVERAGE. Haha. I miss Starbucks! Haha. Last year, Kayi and I developed this unique habit of collecting packets of golden sugar crystals from Starbucks and we kinnda influenced Vong and now she has numerous packets of golden sugar crystals from Caffe Ritazza. i believe it is only the three of us who have such cool hobbies in the whole wide world! : ) Love ya guys!
I want Caffe Ritazza's muffins and coffee. Sucks that they only have one outlet in thislilreddot and that too at the airport. :(
I am so exhausted. I had to rise at eight today and thus the lethargy. Gosh. And it sucks that I cant even hit the bed now just cos once upon a time, Mr Truman and Mr Stalin decided to be big time asses and disagree about almost every single thang and aggravate each other with insults of each other's ideologies and put each other down every single minute. COME AWN DUDES! THEY COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT MORE MATURED ABOUT THE WHOLE CIRCUMSTANCE AND SAVED EVERYBODY THE TROUBLE OF ANALYZING WHO WAS AT FAULT FOR REAL. Sigh. 
Oh did I mention I would like to go around the world kicking every single guy's ass? Yes, I would totally love to.

Time to show history some love.

<33 Ciao.

And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree,
there will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see,
there will be an answer. let it be

hmmm i have developed a slight lil obsession with the beatles since the day i heard Brooke White's rendition of Let it be.
* * *
Anyway I am high on Reason and Romance quotes. Love.
I miss Kayi already! 
Jason Castro is Adorableeeee.
Gotta do homework now so ciao world.

This is the most random post ever.

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